Alright, it has happened. I’ve created a food blog and my first entry is about Zaytinya. This has been a long time in the making. I have wanted to go to Zaytinya for at least 3 years. I grew up on Mediterranean food, Lebanese/Palestinian to be specific, and this restaurant is that and Jose Andres combined, can’t really go wrong there. One of my best friends/former roommates, Desmond Lim, decided to go at least 25 times (exaggeration) without me; so before he up and left for Singapore, he bought me a gift card to go experience it on my own.

And an experience it was! I went with a good friend from college, Sara Stewart, who actually has her own amazing food blog and is the one who inspired me to write my own blog. You should check out her blog, Nourish and Flourish. She was good company since we both were carrying our huge cameras and taking pictures of every plate that came our way.

We started with Hummus but it has Butternut Squash involved! Already a strange dish but quite tasty. Like Hummus, but sweeter, so obviously great. And it came with an order of their freshly baked pita bread (definitely some of the best in DC) and a plate of fresh cucumbers… Mmm…  

Aaaand here is the pita…

This next one was my choice, the Lamb Bahar. It was great for lamb, especially the texture and the way it was cooked. It almost had a curry-like flavor which was good but I would have preferred a more garlic-y Lebanese type of taste for lamb, maybe mint or yogurt? And as you can see, it was served on a bed of tabouleh which wasn’t bad (a really difficult dish to come out good outside of the home).

And these were Sara’s choice. She loves scallops and especially scallops made by Jose Andres. She was right, they were tasty, and the sauce was one of the best parts.

And this was actually my favorite part, the Soujouk Flatbread. Soujouk is a Lebanese sausage that is REALLY good. Growing up, we’d just mix it with scrambled eggs and then eat it with pita bread so these are all the same ingredients but on a pizza. The yoke was even still runny, great job Zaytinya!

I’m so glad I finally got to experience this restaurant. It lived up to the expectations. It’s one of those places that you can rely on anything coming out of the kitchen to be good quality. I am really interested in trying out more dishes so if anyone is planning a visit, let me know!



6 thoughts on “Zaytinya

  1. I’m still dreaming about that hummus!! It changed my life forever, and I’m determined to recreate it at home. Do you think Jose would give me the recipe if I asked?

    Great job with the blog! I’m so excited that you finally started this, and can’t wait for our future culinary adventures. ❤

    • I would very gladly go again with you all! We probably have to make reservations like two weeks in advance! It is always packed. Make sure you budget for it, financially and mentally, it is SO good… ha

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