Batman at the Drafthouse

One of the reasons I love food so much is the opportunity to share it with someone and spend some quality time together. So this will be one of those posts that is more about the experience than the food since I went to the Arlington Drafthouse last night. I’ve heard about this place since I moved to DC, seven years ago, but this was my first time. Andy, a friend from work, had the idea to go so I thought I would invite a few people, and this time people came! We must have had around 15 people which always makes for a good time. I didn’t plan on writing about the place but realized it could be fun by the time I got there. However, all I had on me was my iPhone 4 camera (archaic, I know), so pardon the weaker quality of photos.

We went to see the Dark Knight Rises; good movie, and better the 2nd time since the first time I saw it was opening night which was still a little tense from what happened that day. Anyway, the Drafthouse is definitely an experience. We made sure to get there early to grab a table; like a table to eat at! The Drafthouse is a full service restaurant, food and drink, that serves you as you watch the movie. On Tuesdays, movies are $2; they really make money off of what you spend on food and drink. It is a huge room and each person has a fancy type of desk chair all to themselves. You could even roll around the room if you really wanted to.

Andy and Jess ordered the Chicken Nachos and were gracious enough to share them, complete with good old fashioned cheese whiz.

The menu did have a lot of random, fun food. I ordered the Havana sandwich platter. It was pretty good for a Cuban sandwich, not the best I ever had (shout out to Tampa). It came with chips (or I could have spent an extra $1.95 to get their fries, which in retrospect were pretty good when I tried them, but that was the same price as the movie!).

Here’s a picture of inside the place after it cleared out during the credits.

And after we left, I attempted to take a shot of part of the group but only two of them stayed in the picture, thanks to Cassandra and Meghan…

So if you are looking for a fun place to hang out, eat and watch a movie all at once, I guess this takes the cake. However, it is on Columbia Pike, not by a metro. Thanks again Andy for the ride home…

And just to end with a hilarious video. Have any of you seen the How it Should Have Ended (HISHE) series on youtube? This guy, or group of guys, put together an animated short video about how a bunch of popular movies “should have” ended. Watching their videos will keep you distracted for awhile, some of the funniest youtube videos I’ve seen. Here is the one for the Dark Knight Rises, the way it “should have ended.”


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