Family Dinner

Ahhhhhhh…. that’s the sound of my stomach yelling at me once again. I don’t think I’ve been this full since I was with my family in the Middle East. Tonight, our house came together to make this super tasty meal.

So I have been blessed to have the opportunity to rent a room in this house in Logan Circle, thanks to Larry and Michelle. Not only do I now have my own room for the first time since high school, but I get to live with some great people in one of the best neighborhoods in DC; I’m really blessed and thankful. On top of all this, apparently we can make some incredible food.

Here’s a part of the family that didn’t mind being photographed (from the right: Michelle, Larry, Brian and Cindy):

I got home from work today and it felt like a family holiday in the house, everyone doing some kind of activity, all the lights on, the table was set and I could smell food cooking! Here are some pre-dinner shots:

And because I like all things piano…

So Larry and Michelle made a trip to Super H-Mart (already exciting) to buy and make short ribs and sweet potatoes. The rest of us provided the salad, dessert, drinks and other sides. Apparently Michelle improvised on the sauce for the ribs but they were seriously some of the best I had ever had, definitely rivaled Bonchon‘s chicken wings… I know chicken and ribs are different but the excitement I shared for both of these items is comparable. I think she could open a restaurant.

Here are the ribs:

Good with rice and some pineapple, this one cut South-east Asian style:

My large, very large, salad contribution. The strawberries and almonds were toward the bottom at this point. A Raspberry Vinaigrette also made this salad worthwhile.

The Korean sweet potatoes…

We finished most of it!

Then, thanks to Brian, we had some incredible dessert: mulled apple cider with Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie (w/fresh whip cream), all of it pretty amazing…

So after all this, the next logical thing was E.T.? It was on TV… so we had to veg out for awhile… then do the dishes. It’s been a couple hours now and apparently Lil’ Bob feels the same way I do…

Michelle mentioned our next meal theme being Lebanese because I keep talking about home-cooked Middle Eastern food. Mom, are you reading this? I’m going to need some help…


4 thoughts on “Family Dinner

  1. Bonjour James,

    It’s great to share great food with friends and family. I am so happy that you found your home away from home.

    Have fun discovering new dishes from all over the world.
    The Anthony Bourdain show is ending and you would be a great replacement. I’ll brainstorm a name for the show….


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