I have a friend visiting DC this weekend, Rod. When I went to the Philippines with CLC, he was already there, a full-time missionary and teacher at a Bible School in Iloilo City. We had the pleasure of having him join our team on most of our adventures. Originally from Victoria, Canada, he’s going around the US on some off-time. Here’s a pic of the group from the Philippines trip, Nov. 2009.

So this was Rod’s first time to DC and I thought the best way to show him around for the 2 days he is here is to bike! I always forewarn people that they may get pretty tired, there is a lot to see here (ask my family who suffered through a couple walking tours)! So we took a little nighttime tour last night and biked to Arlington Cemetery today to show him one of my favorite spots, Arlington House. The weather was so beautiful today, considering the storm to end all storms coming this week, supposedly…

Here are some nice Fall pics from Arlington House and Arlington Cemetery.

I love how the trees color the ground:

Anyway, all that to show how hungry we were after biking to Arlington House and then walking around. We promptly biked back into the city to go to my favorite Ethiopian place, Meskerem (Rod’s first experience).

I usually order the sampling platter so you can try some veggies, chicken, lamb and beef; also a hard-boiled egg (my favorite part). It is served on Injera, Ethiopian bread, that is really good (very filling); some people are turned off by its sponginess. Below are some pics beginning with the Injera:

Seemed like a success!

So of course, by my recommendation, we stopped to get some frozen yogurt on the way home at Mr. Yogato. Not only do they have really good frozen yogurt but you can get toppings that include Nutella and TimTams! And for even more fun, they have a whole slew of questions and challenges you can answer/do to get more money off of your purchase. I always go for the Geography questions for 5% off each and then get a stamp on my forehead for an additional 10% off!

So I got the Original Tangy with Nutella and TimTams, a classic(for me):

And got the stamp on my forehead…

Can you answer these Geography questions?? If you’re still reading, you should try and answer the questions below in the comments section!


4 thoughts on “The Day Before FRANKENSTORM!!

    • Haha, now you are making me think about it again… Vatican City! And Turkey! There we go… I really enjoyed the pictures on your blog! Some really beautiful shots in China; I hope to visit sometime soon…

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