New York and Sandy

I’m finally getting the chance to write about our trip to New York last week. It was going to be a couple of days of new food experiences however Sandy changed our plans a bit… I only got to try 2 or 3 places from my list of about 25 pre-researched locations. It was still a fun trip though. I’m very thankful that I was safe. We still had to go this weekend since my free night at the Waldorf Astoria expired on October 31st. More on that in a second… I did get to try some good food and I want to add some shots of stuff we did see!

We took a bus from DC to NYC Sunday morning. It was one of the easiest DC-NYC trips ever, no traffic, exactly 4 hours. I guess people were already starting to get off the road. Our first activity was brunch since we were arriving around 1pm. Rod and I headed up together on the bus and we met some very good people at the brunch place. We went to Upstairs, at the Kimberly, recommended by Andy, a buddy from work. It was right across from the Waldorf and was quite swank. The food was alright but the best reason to go is for the view/environment. Here are a few shots:

Swank? Right??

The people also made it more enjoyable. We met Randall, one of my best friends from childhood (way back), and some of my favorite people, the Elshahawis, Tanya and Hisham (brother and sister). Tanya is a great friend from college.

Elshahawi shot…

Alright, and here is the food…

I got the Goat Cheese & Ratatouille Omelet. Goat cheese is always exciting. The fries were excellent!

Tanya also gave me her sausage which was good, interesting. I swear they cooked it in alcohol or something, there just seemed to be some kind of strange off-taste but it tasted good! I asked them about it but they said it is just the flavor of the sausage, Merguez Sausage, North African I guess.

Randall’s Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes…

Rod’s Brioche French Toast with Blackberry…

And Hisham’s Grilled Chicken Salad with Ricotta Salata & Peach Vinaigrette (I think).

And we could still see the hotel from the restaurant (with the green tip)!

Soon after this experience, we were hungry again. Most places were closing already by Sunday afternoon but the Halal Carts were still open! So we went over to the cart on 53rd and 6th, a short walk and picked the one with the longest line.

Apparently they’re known for their chicken and rice; Randall and Rod got that. I ordered the Lamb over rice which was probably my favorite meal of the entire weekend! I even ate some for breakfast the next day.

That’s some yogurt sauce on top, the rice and veggies under the plentiful supply of meat. Mmm. We didn’t really have a place to eat since everyone was closing so we went to the nearest large public space, Grand Central.

So that was our first day. It was weird how quiet the city was. However, New York still is one of my favorite cities, I think I may like it as much as DC. It was kind of sad to see all the food places closed… :*(  I will return!

It was really heart-breaking to see the damage inflicted on the city and on the many amazing people who live there. If you’d like to donate to some practical hurricane relief, here is a link to a church that I know has a great heart for God and a genuine love for people. They’ve been some of the first to respond to the great need and are really reflecting the heart of Christ. The church is Hillsong NYC, check it out.

I’ll post another posting about the rest of our food adventures in a couple days!


3 thoughts on “New York and Sandy

  1. That GOAT CHEESE OMELET!! I’m swooning. Is there whipped goat cheese on top too? Oh goodness, yum. I’m so glad you were able to spend time with Randall and the Elshahawi’s! Love them!

    If you need a partner to explore New York restaurants with, look no further. After December, I’ll be more free for culinary escapades outside of DC!

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