Election Night at BW3

Apparently Buffalo Wild Wings is formerly known as BW3, Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck? Not sure where that came from… This was a fun place to watch the election, not least because there are so many TVs everywhere. There’s something about all those TVs that makes it so exciting, maybe the constant mind stimulation? And then just add all the election energy and it makes for a good mix.

And we had a TV right above us of course… I just happened to take a pic of it while Candy Crowley was on the screen, no offense anyone… haha.

The only really exciting choice of food at BWW is the wings of course. I used to live right above this place so I knew Tuesdays would be $.39 wing night but apparently they are $.60 now; still not a bad deal. Stephen and I split 24 wings, 4 different varieties, from least to most favorite, Lemon Pepper, Honey BBQ, Mango Habanero and Garlic Parmesan…

I could just eat those Garlic Parmesan wings all night though. Each bite of the wing tastes like Chicken Alfredo… Mmmm… We also shared some french fries with all this. I must have forgotten to take a picture of them though… the only reason I can think of as to why I forgot is because we ate them so fast, they are really good at BWW.

As expected, I was still feeling slightly hungry so I got a side of Mac N’ Cheese, an all-time favorite.

I don’t really know how to say this but I don’t really recommend this one… but it was worth a shot!

And what is food, or election night for that matter, without good friends. Here’s Stephen, and Andy & Jess again.

I think Andy is either excited about the wings finally coming or just me taking a pic…

Half of the reason why I love election night so much is my love for geography, actually it’s more like 70% why I enjoy election night so much. I love looking at the maps and figuring out which state will do what and analyzing those results. The Wall Street Journal had a cool map showing the election results/colors by county instead of by state which was really captivating but here is a cool link with even more analysis trying to make it as accurate as possible… Enjoy!

Anyone else enjoy the election for any random reasons?


6 thoughts on “Election Night at BW3

  1. Did you know that I’ve never tried a Buffalo Wild Wing? NEVER! I’m adding this place to my “must try” list, however it’s at the bottom, which means we’re definitely doing Mexican and Japanese first! Also, I heard Eatonville is better than Georgia Brown’s…Soul Food round two?

    • Never?? haha, well it is mainly just fun to hang out there, watch the TVs and play trivia! Then you can get some junk food… mainly the wings which are worth trying. I have heard of Eatonville! Who said it is better than Georgia Brown’s?? I support round two!

  2. Hi James! Welcome to the blogging world! I LOVE Sara, and you’re her friend..so I figured we can all be friends ;). I LOVE BW3..however, I haven’t had it in a very very long time..it was def one of my fav hangout places during my good ole’ college days. My fav was lemon pepper! I hear they have good burgers too. I just went for the wings. Oh, and I always wondered why it’s called BW3..Now I know..so the name’s changed now? Anyway, nice to “meet” you!

    • Hi Min! Thanks for the welcome! Do you know Sara from blogging? Where are you based? She is a good friend so I’m ok with that! ha. Yea, BW3 is a fun place to hang out (not sure when they changed the name). The lemon pepper is good but not as saucy. I didn’t like the burgers too much, but you can’t really be disappointed by the wings… haha. Nice to meet you too!

      • Yes! I first started blogging back in May, somehow found her blog and have been hooked ever since! Then I met her several months ago at the healthy living summit! Meeting her was def the highlight ;). I Look forward to reading about all your future foodie adventures!

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