Lost Dog Cafe

Wow, this post took me so long to put up. This week has been pretty busy but this will all be worth it. I’m getting hungry all over again looking at these pics so I’m going to speed through this quickly if I can… 🙂

So as if this night wasn’t going to be exciting enough since we were going to see Skyfall in the IMAX, Andy suggested this awesome place to eat so I prepped by bringing my camera along.

We went to Lost Dog Cafe. I had never heard about it but apparently there are a few locations in Virginia. And fortunately they do not serve dog meat; they actually rescue dogs and cats so your money goes to a good cause. They also have incredible food and are apparently known for their vast supply of beer.

So since we went with a group, you’ll get to see a lot of the food! But we can start with what I got. I made sure everyone around me got something different so we (I) could try different things. I got the Cowboy, as seen below (warning: this includes a lot of meat). It also had melted Brie, onions, peppers and mushrooms! It all tasted really fresh!

And, I believe Vanessa recommended taking a pic of me eating it…

I tried to make that a little smaller so you wouldn’t be too overwhelmed. If that was too meaty, here is some salad.

They also had pasta, this one being spaghetti…

And their pizza was really good. I am usually bored with pepperoni pizza but their pepperoni tasted really good!

And who wouldn’t want to try this pizza…

Aaand, they have fries which they definitely don’t skimp on. It is worth getting a couple baskets to share.

With this ketchup, thanks to Cassandra:

And if you wanted to see part of their vast supply of beer…

In summary, try this place if you can! It was one of those places that does everything well, they don’t overlook the small stuff. Also their service was great and your money helps save animals, what more do you want? I think I’m adding it to my favorites list.

And just because it has been awhile, here are some pics of the post-Skyfall trip to IHOP if anyone has been craving it recently…

And it looks almost as real as the menu!

And this is the first time I saw their new syrup bottles, IHOP is modernizing!

We also got to eat our candy that Cassandra packed her purse with for the movie. FYI, the IMAX at Dulles does not allow food/drink into their museum so Cassandra and I’s usual plan of smuggling in Twizzlers, Trollies, Peanut Butter M&Ms, Flipz and Soda didn’t work out as well…

The soda I’ve really been requesting a lot recently has been Mountain Dew Voltage. Have you heard of it? It’s kind of a guilty pleasure. It tastes so good even though I know it is not good for me.

This picture kind of reflects how you feel when you drink it… While we were talking about this, Becca says, “I don’t know why you guys like Mountain Dew, that is like the epitome of artificial tastes.” This is what she was doing while she said that…

I thought it was a little ironic…


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