Thanksgiving at the Abyad Home

I have a lot of posts to catch up on but I wanted to do the Thanksgiving post as it is timely. I celebrated the holiday with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. This is a small one for the Abyads since we are always a part of some large gathering. This was actually my brother’s first Thanksgiving at home since he was married (7 years ago). So this was Amanda’s first time making everything, with a little help from Jeff and I, very little… And it was great! Amanda is a great cook, she claims she is just good at following recipes…

Recipes such as our Mom’s stuffing balls. My brother and I have always been a fan and Amanda did a good job replicating them.

And this was before the gravy being poured around them (well, I guess it is just sauce; the sauce from the cooked Turkey).

Another favorite of mine is the Sweet Potatoes dish, especially when it’s sweet with marshmallows and pecans!

Looks good and fluffy right?

And cranberries!

And since we didn’t get to see the parade or the dog show (Amanda was happy about that) this year as we did not have cable, we waited patiently all day hanging out around the house…

Jeff made some chai lattes and Amanda and Lucy made cookies. Ephraim hung out with his same-size version of Cinderella.

Amanda with her good motherly skills was teaching Lucy how to frost the cookies…

I don’t know why I don’t have any pictures of the other cookies, but Jeff later showed everyone up with some incredible artistic renditions of a Turkey cookie and a Pilgrim’s hat. Jeff, if you have pics of them you should upload them or something…

And remember how I said Ephraim hung out with Cinderella? Well here they are…

Quite an eventful day and then we had dinner, trying to fit as much of the food as possible on the table.

Jeff’s huge plates were definitely helpful for this meal…

I almost forgot about the pie! This was my contribution to the meal. We actually went to Whole Foods Thanksgiving day to pick up the pie and it worked out well. They had a Buy One Get One sale, I guess they were trying to get rid of them which worked in our favor. We got a traditional pumpkin pie and this amazing Dark Chocolate Pecan pie!!

And my favorite Pumpkin Ice Cream!

This ice cream is REAL serious good. It is only seasonal and last year I only got it twice since it was sold out every other time I went to Whole Foods. It is also really good with Ginger Snaps.

And with that, I’d like to share a pretty funny nostalgic picture of when we used to spend our Thanksgivings in Palm Desert with my cousins Randa and Akram and their kids Matthew and Sarah. My brother and I were reminiscing about how we miss those Thanksgivings since we always had a lot of fun family around. So we found this picture from like the year 2000 I think? These pictures are strange to me for several reasons: it’s before I had braces, before my brother and sister were married and I feel like we all look so different!


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving at the Abyad Home

  1. Magnifique! There’s nothing better than sharing holiday meals with family. Everything looks great and very appetizing, particularly the stuffing balls and the sweet potatoes. Thank God it’s almost time for dinner because looking at these great pics makes me hungry.

    Thanks for sharing!


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