Georgetown Scavenger Hunt

This did take place a couple of weeks ago but it is worth its own post. I co-lead a Life Group at my church, Capital Life Church, with Angela Guida. For one of our many fun events, we put together this scavenger hunt in Georgetown. And as one participant noted, “So this is one of those scavenger hunts where you just embarrass yourself.” Well, yes and no… haha.

It allows you to go around the neighborhood and photograph/video tape yourselves doing quite hilarious things. It makes for a lot of fun afterward which you will soon witness. I’ve included some of my favorite videos at the bottom.

Anyway, Angela and I played a different role from the rest of the group. We walked around Georgetown, shopping and eating; and if one of the teams happened to run into us, they could get extra points by having us participate in a couple of the “quests.”

So naturally, for our walking around time, I wanted to eat. Georgetown is the source of so much good food. Our food experience that day was minimal but still fun. We happened to be by Sprinkles when we started, which is a newer cupcake shop in DC. I previously had a coupon for a free cupcake from Sprinkles but when I went to go use it they were all sold out of cupcakes! 😦  So I thought I would go now to try one.

These pics were taken in their front lobby which is like 5 feet by 5 feet with about 50 people stuffed inside. People joke about living or walking into a shoe box, well this is the real deal, an actual shoebox, literally (like my incorrect usage of literally? I thought so).

However, if you happen to go to Sprinkles, try and take a peak into the room behind the counter when the door opens. It’s HUGE! And it is all white; and all the people are dressed in white, like some kind of Elf-like factory or maybe a FoxConn plant… but with better working conditions…

After I patiently waited in line, I chose the Dark Chocolate Banana cupcake. It was successful, possibly better than Georgetown Cupcake, definitely better tasting that Crumbs, but not as good as Baked & Wired; so there’s the scale… But oh man, I love bananas and chocolate, that is kind of hard to mess up for me.

Here is the packaging and cupcake.

Angela provided the hand-modeling for this pic with her furry coat. I do appreciate that the frosting was a little more solid so it wasn’t as messy allowing me to walk and eat!

So after stopping at some shopping destinations, we proceeded to Thomas Sweets, introduced to me by Sara who always wanted to go in college. I think I was more nostalgic about it though because it wasn’t as good as I remembered and was kind of pricy. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by good frozen yogurt though. I opted for the cookies and cream ice cream which was good. T Sweets is kind of a Georgetown icon so worth a visit.

We then proceeded to dilly dally around Georgetown before dinner with the whole group at Johnny Rockets. This was after everyone had completed the scavenger hunt. My co-leader, Angela, kept commenting about how crazy it was that I could still eat dinner after a cupcake and ice cream. That is not that much food, do I have any support here??? haha

So my first time to Johnny Rockets was actually in Amman, Jordan; it was where all the Americans went to get Dr. Pepper, an oasis of sorts. I don’t remember ever going to one in the US so I thought why not take some pics??

I proceeded to order to the County Fair Burger which was responded in kind with a large gasp from Angela, but look how small it is! It had fried pickles and bacon on it which made it pretty appealing to me.

And you get a small plate with a ketchup smiley face, very welcoming.

It wasn’t bad. I’d still rather head on over to BTS which is a 15 minute walk down the road.

So now for the good stuff! My favorite challenge that the teams videotaped was to pretend like a dramatic earthquake had hit the area. These videos are priceless with my favorite one on the bottom, Vanessa winning the award for best actress in my book.



4 thoughts on “Georgetown Scavenger Hunt

  1. Alright, I have a few things to say about this post…

    1) You wrote, “our food experience was minimal.” Whoever is reading this blog can clearly see that this is not the case, considering how much food you had to blog about lol.

    2) Before I agree to pose as a food hand model for you again, I really need to get a manicure. (Yikes!)

    3) You’re right that a (huge) cupcake and frozen yogurt aren’t THAT much food right before dinner, but that was only within a 2 hour time frame!!

    Hahaha love the videos. That really was a very fun and memorable day spent with you in Georgetown though!! 🙂

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