Marriage Proposal and Chicken

One of my best friends decided to propose to one of my favorite girlfriends of a friend this past Christmas weekend, on what happened to be the coldest day of the year so far. Yet, that did not hinder the decision making, it ended positively.

Here are Mario and Jenny, soon to be Martinez…

Mario and Jenny

So this happened in Old Town Alexandria, which apparently has its own Yelp Entry, so there you go. 4-5 stars! Really nice waterfront though, with the above seen gazebo. And, if you live in DC, or the DC area, you can take a ferry from Old Town up to Georgetown for only $12. It’s a nice trip, but only available during warmer months.

Really nice background…


So after all the excitement, and excitement there was…



… We got to go eat at Nando’s Peri Peri, which has incredible chicken, always leaving you wanting more, literally, because the size of the chicken is kind of small but it tastes really good!

And the location in Old Town just opened in October, following a pattern of so many other chains opening in Old Town; I guess they make good money there.  Old Town has a long row of all kinds of restaurants – chains and originals, including a Vietnamese place that we just discovered that I want to go back and try.

Nando's Menu

The chicken is all the same, you just pick your sauce. My favorite sauce, barely seen in the photo, is the Lemon and Herb. But no matter the sauce, the chicken is really good, and you can add any sauce of your choice on top anyway. And with the chicken, you have a choice of some really good sides.

Potatoes Chicken

The mashed potatoes were very correctly described as “off the hook.” Very nicely seasoned and the texture is awesome. And those aren’t just plain rolls, they are “Portuguese.” Actually doesn’t mean that much but all of their bread items are pretty good, worth adding to the plate.

The restaurant does have a 2nd floor with full service food, bar and the amazing self-serve Coke machine so I can get some Cherry Vanilla Coke; I’m not sure why I didn’t get a picture of it. You’ve seen them before right? They are very exciting…



But all in all, the food was not really the focus of the day and this blog post is hereby dedicated to Mario and Jenny. Here’s to chicken and a happy life together! 🙂


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