More of Nashville – Some Home Cooking

You already saw the BBQ but that was catered in. This post is about some of the amazing cooked meals we had at my men’s retreat. Here was my name card to show that I belonged. 🙂

IMG_7703And this is what else greeted me at my table. Let me once again remind you that this was a MEN’s retreat. We just like things classy…

IMG_7701As you can see, I had the ability to snack the whole time. Which, thinking back on it, was totally unnecessary since the meals came so often and we weren’t doing much more than sitting around with occasional worship times where we stood. The food really had some time to settle…

Lets start with the amazing breakfast spread!!



Check out those berries!


And there were biscuits and gravy…

IMG_7728Eggs and Potatoes = necessary addition.

Eggs and Potatoes

This was breakfast, then our lunch was that BBQ feast I most recently posted about and the following set of pictures was our dinner! I really regretted eating those extra pancakes and biscuits in the morning…

Dinner Spread

What was that? You want to see the Fried Chicken and corn up close?? Ok!

Fried Chicken IMG_7710

Corn on the cob

And the plate,

Plate of goodness

That butter lathered item was the corn bread! And in honor of my niece, Lucy, who likes to sneak pure butter out of the fridge, here is the plate of butter:


And the dessert,

Dessert Plate

That was a lot of food. I don’t know what else can put you in a better posture to learn and hear from God! 🙂


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