Banh Mi and Seafood (mostly)

One of my most most most favorite things in Vietnam was the bread! I cannot express to you how excited I get remembering that bread… 🙂 I think this was one positive contribution the French made during their brutal occupation that lasted for awhile. So, it might be debatable if it was worth it to get the bread, but I won’t get into that now…


Banh Mi was actually the first food experience I had after arriving in Ho Chi Minh City. We got into the airport, met the family, piled up in the van and started our drive home. FYI, this is what the traffic was like.

Bike Traffic

There was this one Banh Mi place we frequented every time we went to the city. Here is what it looked like.

Banh Mi Place

And this is what my first (of many) sandwiches looked like!

Banh Mi

And we went from that to our first meal. We got into town and went to my friend’s aunt’s business. Most of the best food we had on the trip came from this place. She had a cook working for her that made some great food. We would just lay out some cardboard on the floor and all sit around in a circle. This was part of our first spread!

The First Spread

These two dishes were seafood heavy as you can see. A lot of the trip consisted of seafood. It became a little much after the first week but the for the first week, I was still enjoying it!

First meal IMG_9068The next morning, for breakfast, we had something I had never had before and quickly became a new favorite, Hu Tieu. It’s another breakfast food in Vietnam, like Pho. There was a place across the street from our house that sold the best kind. If you didn’t make it there by 11am, they would sell out.

Hu Tieu

Almost everything, including these soups, got dressed up with more vegetables and sauces after they were served. These pictures are what they looked like before I did all that though. The Hu Tieu was served with a smaller plate of meat, also really good.

Side of Meat

Another favorite breakfast item included the Banh Mi but when they would give it to you with a fried egg… really good. And to make that even better, you would get meat with it sometimes. I guess I didn’t get a direct picture of it but you can see it in the background here.

Breakfast Banh Mi

And what better to finish it all off then with coffee again!

Coffee Pre-Mix



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