Eating Around Vietnam

Vietnam did consist of other foods besides Pho and Banh Mi so I wanted to share a few more things with you. Anyone who knows me knows that mealtimes are my favorite time of day, not just because of eating, but because of spending time with people. This trip consisted of a lot of mealtime and people time. Even though I still wasn’t able to eat every meal (sickness came and went), it was still good spending time with people.

Some of the best meals we experienced were at my friend’s aunt’s business. She had a chef cooking for them along with the employees and it was always reliably good home-cooked food. One of those great fresh meals were spring rolls. Always a favorite of mine, growing up, especially when they’re freshly wrapped.

Spring Roll Spread

Here I am enjoying my first roll… or maybe 4th or 12th…

Me Eating Spring Roll

Another good meal we enjoyed here was an omelet-looking thing (sorry I can’t be more descriptive, no one spoke English), but it was good! You just took the omelet mix in the lettuce wrap and put fish sauce over it like everything else.

Omelet Thing

This next meal may have very possibly been the same day. The noodles and rice were basic but the pork here was really good. The eggs always double the food appeal for me.

Noodles and Rice



At least half of the meals we had in Vietnam involved some kind of hot pot or hot plate. And most of these tended to involve goat or some kind of good meat!

Meat hot plate


And since most of our meals involved so much food, this one involved the hot plate and the ย hot pot. So above you see the meat mix (goat) and of course a ton of vegetables and then you can also wrap this up like a Spring Roll.

Veggie Plate




And then the hot pot with a goat curry.

Hot Pot Goat


We each had individual bowls to eat the noodles and everything else. Below you see my bowl with what was probably the weirdest thing I ate while there… goat’s blood. It was pretty spongy and didn’t taste that weird but knowing it was blood made it weird.

goat's blood


And then to finish it off, more coffee! Or Nuoc Mia which we had whenever we got the opportunity. Nuoc Mia is a really good Vietnamese drink that is made from pressing sugar cane.

Nuoc Mia


And I know I’ve already shown a lot of pictures of Iced Coffee but this one is special. It’s special because it has chocolate in it! This was in a cafe in Ho Chi Minh City; I had never seen one like that yet so I definitely ordered that.

Iced Coffee with Chocolate


And if you’re worried about going to Vietnam and not being able to eat anything “normal,” don’t worry, you can get really good “normal” food there as well; like this rice and pork below!

Rice and Pork


6 thoughts on “Eating Around Vietnam

  1. EVERYTHING looks amazing–and so fresh! Well, with one exception: the goat blood. :-p I like to say I’ll try anything once, but I’m not sure I’d be able to stomach that! Is it considered a delicacy?

    I think my favorite meal would have been the spring rolls. Interactive meals are so much fun, and you those dipping sauces are certainly delicious.

    I’m already ready to go back for more pho at Pho Viet! I can’t stop thinking about how delicious that broth was!

    • It was all really good! Haha, it’s not really a delicacy… and I don’t feel that it was common so you could probably avoid it. Yea, Spring Rolls are always solid and I will go back to Pho Viet anytime! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sorry it took me so long to respond!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I forget what it was called in Vietnamese, no one spoke English around me… haha. It was great though! I also had something similar in Singapore with Oysters… Do you have pics of yours??

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