My Favorite Meal in Singapore was…

Laksa! Wow, Singapore has so much amazing food and the choice is really hard but I think I’ve decided that Laksa was my favorite dish. I’m leaving favorite dessert in another category (ice cream sandwich discussed later). The winning ingredient, for me, in the Laksa is coconut curry. This dish is one of the things that greatly enhanced my love for both curry and coconut. The broth is really good. In some places, you can get mixed types of noodles in it as well and then it will usually comes with seafood, oysters in our case.


The joy of the Singapore food scene is that there is so much variety. And what makes the variety good is that Singapore is right in the middle of all the places where the food originates (if that makes sense), like geographically, it is close to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China and more… so it isn’t like variety found in New York or something. Not only do you find original food, but special Singaporean fusions. And to make it better, the best food that we had was usually the cheapest. Although Singapore has a reputation for being very expensive (housing especially), food is still very very reasonably priced!

I went to Singapore to visit one of my favorite people, a previous roommate, the infamous Desmond Lim. Here he is with Fiona; they both helped me experience the many different foods…

Des and Fiona

I cannot express to you the strange transition I had coming to Singapore from Vietnam. I don’t usually get culture shock, but if I did, I think this was the closest I had to getting it. Singapore is so perfect and so well-planned, almost too much. So getting into the airport and driving home from there, I was somewhat bewildered. It was definitely a change of pace from Vietnam.

My first morning, I was hungry and ready to go in search of some good food! There are a ton of outdoor food stalls around Singapore, so we went to one by Des’ house where I had my first food experience. I had coconut rice for the first time, very good, and it came with an egg and I added some egg rolls… Price? $2 – $4.

Coconut Rice Breakfast

And then we proceeded to one of my next first and amazing experiences: the MRT. Singapore’s metro system is incredible, and although it isn’t food, it is worth discussing. It is also worth noting how awful, dreadfully awful, DC’s metro system compares. I mean there has to be something we can do. Let me also note that I never saw a broken escalator!

Here was the first station we went in.

MRT Station


We got out in a shopping district and were strolling down the road and Desmond stops by this cart all nonchalantly and is like you want some ice cream? And again, anyone who knows me knows my answer was YES! But this was going to be different. They had ice cream sandwiches with real bread! Sounded weird at first but it quickly changed my life and is one of my favorite desserts! I even tried to make it at home already, I suggest white bread over wheat bread though…

Ice Cream Sandwich

From there, Desmond took me to Arab St, so I could honor my heritage. 🙂 I feel like Arab St is an equivalent to U St in DC. It originated as an ethnocentric neighborhood and is now kind of a yuppie area. Yuppie usually equals fun food so we did try out a couple places.

Arab St SignArab St Mosque

Des knew of a good cake shop so we went there first!

Des eating cakeWe both share a love for green tea flavored things so that is the flavor we got.

Green Tea cake

The cake was good and there was definitely too much for us to consume it all at once. It was really soft and delightful. Then, almost next door, there was a fun looking coffee shop so we stopped in. The desserts looked very good and I immediately noticed Taro Cheesecake! I love taro and I love cheesecake but I have never had them together so this was going to happen. And here I am eagerly awaiting the cheesecake.

Me waitingAnd it was good…

Taro CheesecakeOk, I am writing this and re-realizing how much we ate but this is what happens when you’re on vacation right? So to continue, we left this place and walked through some more hipster streets to a Lebanese place to try some baklava that was very popular…

hipster alley

baklavaThere it is; and as if we weren’t eating enough sugar, we shared that ridiculously sugary drink…

And I have one more thing to share from this day before I give you a break! Since we were walking around this area of Singapore, we also stopped at Little India (which is not so little), where you have to try a curry dish and chapati so we shared some.

Curry Shop

Little India Curry

And that concludes breakfast and lunch the first day… I think a break is needed. And just so you’re not completely overwhelmed, we did get some biking in, at least one of the days.

The bikes


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