A City for Serious Eaters

Happy Belated New Year! Chinese New Year that is… I got to spend it in Asia this year. It just so happens that it is the year of the snake. However you may feel about our creepy crawler animal friend, I liked some of the decorations, especially in Singapore. Here’s a shot in Chinatown with a large snake lining the street.

Chinatown Singapore


We happened to walk through Chinatown on our way to the infamous chicken and rice food stand. One of Singapore’s national dishes is their chicken and rice and apparently Anthony Bourdain vouched for a specific food stand. Desmond can tell you the story behind it all which includes some drama and rival stands being built but I was mainly interested in the food so I may not remember all the details.  🙂

Food Stalls


There are a lot of food stalls around Singapore that look like this but this one has the famed Chicken and Rice as seen below. You can also see Des ordering from the stand on the left, with a light blue sign.

Chicken and Rice IMG_0651


And for dessert, we got another famous Singapore item, Lao Ban’s Soya Bean (custard?). I should have taken notes…

Soya bean


The Chicken and Rice wasn’t my favorite meal ever but it was solid, satisfying and tasty. It is also a Singapore staple so a must try… and this dessert was good too! But if you have a serious sweet tooth (like me), it may not be sweet enough.

We continued on from here to meet up with friends. Singapore has a serious hipster scene to rival Portland (even though I’ve never been to Portland, I’m assuming). I wanted to share part of that scene with you: Group Therapy. That’s the name of the coffee shop.

Group Therapy


Group Shot


In case you were wondering, I’m the white guy on the right… 🙂 And see those egg cartons holding the sugar? Totally hipster… I enjoyed them.

That was one evening… The next morning/afternoon (whenever we got up), we experienced what was probably my 2nd favorite meal in Singapore, the Fried Oyster and noodles. I think it was just this fried oyster though on Upp Serangoon (sp?), because I tried it again later and it just didn’t measure up. We washed it down with some delicious milk tea.Noodles

Fried Oyster

Milk Tea


And before I bring this posting to a close, let me just share with you the Taro Pie at McDonalds. I have a mini-obsession with Taro flavored things, I really enjoy the flavor so I was uber excited to find this. Just like the apple pie but with Taro!

Taro Pie


Me with Taro Pie


(Notice the forehead sweat, this was after 15 minutes of drying off)

And to close: the reason for this blog title is an article about Travel Tips in Singapore, with the below quote from Anthony Bourdain with which I completely agree!

A City For Serious Eaters
“New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Singapore’s the city that never stops eating. For a gastro-tourist, somebody who travels to eat, any kind of serious eater, Singapore’s probably the best place you can go for maximum bang in a minimum period of time.”



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