The Last Few Items in Singapore

This is my last post about Singapore! The food in this post is all non-native Singaporean food but delicious none-the-less. Something I was really looking forward to trying in Singapore was Ramen! I’ve only been in the airport in Japan and haven’t been able to experience the original so I thought this would be the closest I would get for now.

It was a success. Des and Fiona took me to their favorite Ramen place surrounded my the expat community. We ordered Ramen and of course, some gyozo (dumplings).

Ramen Menu



Ramen experience: Check!

The other “close to an Asian country” experience I wanted to have was Thai food. So Des took me to what is apparently the shadiest place in Singapore, Orchard Towers. We went in the middle of the day though so we were good, kind of…

We made our way to the top floor and found Jane Thai (which I think we found out later had another location in another part of the city so all for naught?). But anyway, we did succeed in getting what was one of my favorite dishes: olive rice. I’m not sure why I had never had this before but it was great! And of course we had to get some Pad Thai. 🙂

Jane Thai Menu

Pad Thai

Olive Rice

Oh and the olive rice had cashews too!

And the rest of this food is or has been inspired by mostly white people (from what I know). This next one is a pretty exciting chain restaurant all over the city. I first happened upon it when I got in at the airport. We were short on time though so I ended up going to McDonalds… but we returned for breakfast! It is called Toast Box!

I was pretty excited about this place because I love all things that involve eggs, and also breakfast.

Toast Box Mug

Des said this place is a result of British influence, where else do you see Asians eating so much toast? This toast is good though! So we got some soft boiled eggs and it comes with toast (obviously) with Hainanese Kaya. First you open the eggs, mix in some salt, pepper, and sauce then you can eat it with the flavored toast! The process is pictured below.


Eggs opened


Eggs and Sauce




There’s the toast with ALOT of butter and the Kaya spread which we then dipped in the eggs; it was delightful.

These next two places included things I felt like I was missing out on after being in Vietnam for so long: Cheeseburgers and Chocolate, not necessarily together.

We got burgers at Relish, this was almost the most expensive meal of the trip! Burgers are quite rare I guess…



Relish Menu




Onion Rings




The food was pretty good but one thing that really stood out to me was that soda I got! Now that I remember, I would like to find some Santa Vittoria around here…

And now for the chocolate… Awfully Chocolate.

Awfully Chocolate


Chocolate menu


I got some kind of Nutella-like bar, we shared some Creme Brûlée, and even got some hot chocolate! It satisfied the chocolate craving at least…



Creme Brûlée


hot chocolate


And with that I bid farewell to my posts on Singapore. I miss it a lot and can hopefully make it back soon for some more food adventures!





Say bye to the Malayan!



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