14th Street Diaries – Le Diplomate

It has been FAR (acquisition pun if you happen to work in procurement) too long since my last blog post. I don’t know what could be better to revive the blog than with Le Diplomate, easily one of my new favorites in DC. The title of this post is 14th Street Diaries because I intend to have a lot of entries based on new restaurants popping up on the 14th Street corridor, in northwest DC. Just when this neighborhood couldn’t get any more awesome, you start to see a new eatery every time you walk down the block.

One of those new places was Le Diplomate. I had been waiting to try this place for months, since it opened. But, since you know French food can be pricy and generally stuck up :), it took me awhile to finally make it there and it was SOO worth it. This place impressed in every way, except they messed up our bill a little but that was forgivable after the amazing food.

So like all the other outings, I tried to make a group outing out of this visit. I was able to convince three friends to come up this way and they serve as the main characters in the story:










Any myself,



As you can see in the photos (particularly David’s photo), we were ready for a great food experience! The menu lookedย quite appetizing as expected:



I was sent with one tip, to order a Mushroom Tart. This tip was provided by my DC mom, Michelle, who is not only one of the best cooks I know but is also of French-Canadian descent, so I held her preferences in high regard. ๐Ÿ™‚

And here it is:

Mushroom Tart


It was awesome! If you like mushrooms (pioppini mushrooms to be exact)… it tasted amazingly fresh and the crust was tasty and flaky like a pastry! Or a tart! ๐Ÿ™‚ The cheese was great too.

Me Eating Tart


So since I ordered the tart, I thought to go with another lower dollar item but also something else that I really wanted, French Toast! Probably the best french toast I’ve had, figures…

French Toast


Becca ordered Poached Eggs Basquaise:

Becca's Poached Eggs


Poached Eggs make anything look great. And Nico ordered their Eggs Benedict, also a good choice!

Eggs Benedict


David and Becca also got some good looking drinks.

IMG_1881 IMG_1882


Ok, now that we got those commoner food items out of the way, time for the best dish of my life (alright, exaggeration I know, but a serious possibility of being the best fish I’ve had!), the Trout Amandine. I highly highly recommend it. It was so good, we were all enthralled by it.

Trout Amandine


Yes! It tastes as good as it looks. It was so good, we all vowed to order it the next time we went. So to give you an idea of how good it tasted, we let David take a bite and I took a series of fast shots I’d like to share with you. I wish we could create a flip-book of the shots but alas that is not possible for now; you’ll just have to look at the pics below. ๐Ÿ™‚

His first bite and then what followed:

First Bite




















This clearly displays the accuracy of the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” No more needs to be said. Notice Becca’s hand reaching over for another bite herself before I even finished photographing…

We thought it to be a very successful outing.

Le Dip Outside


So why not finish it off with a nice coffee outing? We headed over to my new favorite neighborhood coffee shop, The Coffee Bar (TCB). It was the first time I ever had a Cortado and I really enjoyed it!







So if anyone is up for some more French food, or let’s be honest, any food, and a trip to TCB, hit me up!


6 thoughts on “14th Street Diaries – Le Diplomate

  1. Wow wow wow!! Okay, forget District Taco next week, let’s go to Le Diplomate! I want that trout almondine! And the eggs benedict! Aaaand the mushroom tart (sans crust, but I’d devour those mushrooms off the top)! David’s facial photo montage is hilarious…He could easily be the restaurant’s poster boy…or at least trout almondine’s poster boy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hahahaha, well it wouldn’t be hard to convince me to go again… It is pretty good and I didn’t get to try their bread because they only serve it after noon!! And yes, I love those photos…

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