Food Trucks – Captain Cookie!

DC now has a good reputation for food trucks, at least I definitely think it does, and one of my favorites is Captain Cookie, & The Milk Man. The summary of this truck is, “a mobile bakery and dairy bar serving fresh-baked cookies, local milk, and made-to-order ice cream sandwiches!” My favorite part being the ice cream sandwiches… 🙂 Check out their website for more history and background and a “day in the life” for the truck.

Here is the lowdown… Captain cookie is in L’Enfant Plaza (my working hood) every Monday and this usually isn’t forgotten. A co-worker of mine, Christine Chui and I, both have strong affinities for this truck and have to hold ourselves back or else we would get one every week.

Here is a shot of the truck in action in L’Enfant:

L'Enfant Trucks

Cookie Truck closeup

So after lunch, we queued up for our cookie experience. Christine “grudgingly” helped out by ordering her own ice cream sandwich for the sake of more pictures.

Cookie Truck Queue

Also of note, is that Captain Cookie has a loyalty program; this day officially marked my entry into the League of the Cookie. I had purchased 10 cookies so my next one was free. Now for an ice cream sandwich, it only counts as a discount since you have two cookies, but a big day none the less.

League of the Cookie Card

They have a variety of cookies and ice creams. They have their standard variety then each day has its own special ice cream flavor and cookie which varies. My favorite cookies still happen to be the Snickerdoodle (softest cookie best for ice cream sandwich) and the Chocolate Chip. I usually get those two cookies with Black Cherry and Chocolate Ice Cream in the middle. You can pick two flavors! All for only $4. The cookies are all laid out in the front for you to see and you are welcome to sample the ice cream flavors.



Look at that great ice cream sandwich. And here is Christie obviously excited about her purchase, I feel the same way…

Excited cookie

And here is what you’ve been waiting for, the ice cream sandwiches upfront. Christie got the uush (usual)… chocolate chip, snicker doodle, chocolate and vanillla ice cream. I got the cookie of the day and the ice cream of the day since I wanted to try both of them. The cookie of the day happened to be a whoopie pie, so I asked if I could somehow combine that with the ice cream and Kirk said, sure of course. So I had Banana cookies with a Lemon Chiffon flavored ice cream. Both were pretty good but the mix wasn’t optimal… I’d go back to my other mix!


Christie's Cookie


My Cookie

And some side by side cookie modeling… 🙂

Side by Side

You have to try this place if you get a chance! It’s a truck so it will be all over DC, and you can follow him on twitter @captaincookiedc, and they’ll update their location live, or just check out their schedule on the website.


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