Choong Hwa Won and Ja-jang Myun

Sorry about that title but this great experience comes from K-town, one of Washington DC metro area’s greatest densities of tasty food (aka Annandale).

I was gratefully introduced to Choong Hwa Won by Sang Han (shout out to you Sang) and have never been disappointed since. When going there, I have only ordered two things, ja-jang myun and dumplings, an awesome location for both. And I shared this specific experience with a college friend, Kevin Kusunoki.

Choong Hwa Won

Ja-jang Myun tastes like total Korean comfort food and boy does it feel like comfort. Not only is it incredibly affordable ($4.99) for a huge amount, but it really is so good and satisfying! It also comes with some traditional Korean kimchi and side veggies. Here are those sides:



IMG_5848 IMG_5833And here are the noodles with my buddy Kevin modeling the food for me:



IMG_5840 IMG_5844And here are their dumplings which you can order fried or boiled; how do you not get fried?



And anyone who knows me, knows that when you go to Annandale to eat, you have to finish the night off at Shilla Bakery. Shilla is not only a place for their baked goods (which are quite good) but also for the amazing Bing Soo!! Bing Soo is a solid dessert; it includes shaved ice, ice cream, flavorful sauces, mochi, fruit and more depending on what flavor you get. Although I do really enjoy the Green Tea Bing Soo, Strawberry still seems to be my favorite.



IMG_5862 IMG_5863And here is the Bing Soo; really trying to let you appreciate the size. Try and bring someone along to share. I’ll be the first to admit that it is hard to finish by yourself, especially after Ja-jang myun… But then again, everyone has those days. 🙂





IMG_5857And like I said, Shilla does offer a few other things, including some pastries for really good prices. You can also sample almost anything while there! 🙂 One of my favorite pastries is a Strawberry Cream croissant type of thing… It is quite buttery and sugary, great combo. 🙂 You can buy them in individually wrapped packets for $1!

IMG_5850Here are a few other great items!

IMG_5864 IMG_5867 IMG_5868


These are just two spots in Annandale which also happen to be in the same parking lot as each other. 🙂 However, there are so many other wonderful places that I have tried and have yet to try there so if anyone wants to make a trip down there? 🙂


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