An Ode to Zachary’s

Ever wonder what Deep Dish Pizza is supposed to look like? It’s supposed to look like it does at Zachary’s, however Zachary’s Pizza is now closed… 😦  But I discovered these pictures on my computer from last year! I think I took them before I even had a blog and they happened to come up on my screen saver as a reminder (you know how you can put your pics on shuffle).

Well, I am sorry to say that Zachary’s Pizza has now closed; tough economy I guess. Here are a few posts about it herehere and here. But basically, every time I go back to Tucson, I wanted to go here, (right after Nico’s). All pizza I eat is compared to Zachary’s, and it is still my favorite pizza.


I actually happened to visit Zachary’s this night at the same time as the Gaslight Theater, another favorite Tucson spot of mine, with my sister, brother-in-law, and parents.

Here are my parents in proportion to the pizza. 🙂 We would always order the Big Z, which has everything on it and/or in it…

Pizza and ParentsMy sister displaying her excitement:

Sister and Pizza

The cheese:

The CheeseAnd on my plate:

Pizza on my plateSo that’s it. Just wanted to share my favorite pizza ever with the world. I hope that they could re-open maybe one day? I can dream…